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What to do with crushed orbeez

Thanks for this blog!! They make incredible ice packs for injuries or dental needs aka wisdom tooth extraction place orbeez in a sandwhich size ziploc freezer bag with 4 oz of rubbibg alcohol and 2oz of h2o and freeze. I have seen these use to hold fresh cut flowers.

Didn't know more of the many ways these beads could be used. That is a great idea! I'm going to try making a stress ball with orbeez now! How interesting! I didn't know so much could be done with these. My daughter loves to play with them, I know that. I think the glow light would be cool to have in the house. I definitely think orbeez are more of a girl toy, my boys got bored quick but my daughter played with them quite a bit more. I have seen these used in my sons class when he was in kindergarten.

He absolutely love them. There is definitely a lot you can do with these. It looks like you have lotta fun ideas to try. I haven't used Orbeez in ages. I never knew they could be used in so many creative ways.

Love that air freshener idea. I love using orbeez in air fresheners because I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals since they're made with essential oils. I've used water beads in the past for my floral arrangements. I had no idea about these other options as well. Thanks for sharing! Orbeez are great in fresh floral arrangements and can even be scented with essential oils and used to hold artificial flowers in place too! I have heard of these but never really knew what they were for.

I don't even know that I have seen them in the store! When Orbeez first came out they were an "as seen on Tv product". They're in stores now but it's totally possible that you haven't seen them! These are all really lovely ideas.

what to do with crushed orbeez

They do make great sensory play toys, my kids love to play with them as they are so soft and squishy! It is amazing all the different things you can do with orbeeze, they seem like they could be quite a relaxing thing to play around with at times. I have seen Orbeez everywhere lately. Mostly for sensory play. I had no idea there were so many uses.

How do I dry out orbeez (orbees)?

I have always wandered what to do with Orbeez water beads! I honestly had to idea. I love the sensory play idea! Ya know, they come with all these setups like spa's and counting towers Their so fun to squish!

what to do with crushed orbeez

My kids love these.My kids got orbeez for Christmas. Kids will be kids, and they did ALL of the orbeez. Now I have tubs full of these wet slimy things and I'd like to know the best way to dry them out. I did try spreading them out a bit and leaving them uncovered, but that doesn't seem to be helping. Now they're starting to break easily. They'd be upset if I threw them away. In direct sunlight they will dehydrate and return to their original size.

You can add more water to grow them again. Dispose of them in the trash or even better, work them into your yard soil. Orbeez help soil stay moist and reduce the need for watering. After all, they were developed by the agricultural industry to protect crops during times of drought". Put them out in the sun in an empty container and watch them shrink and you can still grow them after you shrink them.

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You must be at least 18 years or be with a legal guardian to purchase online. The Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Foot Spa for kids comes with everything you need to give yourself and your besties the pedicure of your dreams.

The cascading waterfall of Orbeez foot spa beads is so relaxing; you will think you are at the nicest spa in town. Plus, with a built-in strainer, soaking your Orbeez and warm water is a breeze! Includes 2, Orbeez, bottle of nail polish, and toe separators.

The Ultimate Soothing Foot Spa is big enough for all ages and the kit includes 2, Orbeez for maximum comfort! With the unique satisfying sensation of Orbeez, the manicure of your dreams is now a reality! The Spin and Soothe Hand Spa set comes with 1, Orbeez and has a spinning feature that swirls the rainbow Orbeez around your hands giving the ultimate soothing massage. A magical way to play and collect.

The Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise will make you and your friends want to collect them all with Wowzers that come hidden in a globe filled with magical Orbeez. Add water and see the magic happen right before your eyes. Twist the top of your globe and watch as your Wowzer dances. Collect all 20 unique Wowzers in Series 1 including rare and super rare figures.

what to do with crushed orbeez

Crush your Orbeez and create one of the 8 super sweet recipes to choose from! This set comes with 2, Orbeez in 8 different colors and 5 unique food molds for endless hours of fun. Pick your favorite colors and delight your friends with your beautiful creations!

Choose from an assortment of bright colors these palm sized Orbeez balls are made for hours of squeezing good fun! Available in either Orbeez or Orbeez Crush! Now you can bask in the relaxing glory of Orbeez in a full-sized inflatable lounge chair. With 6, Orbeez, this is the ultimate relaxation.

Just sit back and enjoy the squishy, bouncy feel of Orbeez on your back and arms. Plus, the Orbeez spa chair doubles as a super cute reclining piece for your room.

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Simply grow, crush, and create fun treats for you and your friends. Make beautiful cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more.

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With 1, Orbeez in various colors, the possibilities are endless! Grab the icing bag and get to work on your delicious creations. The two designs included show off friendship, love, and fun and can be decorated with Orbeez Crush. With Orbeez in 4 colors, showing off your hearts and happiness has never been more squishy, silly, or fun!

8+ Water Bead Activities for Hours of Sensory Fun

Simply crush, grow, and create your own unique piece to share with others. Plus, with suction cup hook stands included you can hang your work up on a window, mirror, or in your locker at school. These beautiful patterns look amazing filled with crushed Orbeez and are the perfect accessory for your room, table, or locker.Good luck getting the electric pen to work!

The first set pen never worked; you could hear a loose part rattling around. The second set worked once; then never again. Very difficult to get the orbeez to go in the area you want without a mess.

Mess everywhere on the table. This toy is nothing but a mess. After you let the Orbeez soak in bottled or distilled water for 4 hours you crush them and put them in the Orbeez gun which squirts them out to fill in your picture.

I thought that the picture would dry similar to aquabeads. After reading the directions once you complete the picture you throw it out. Also, there are warnings in the directions not to let the Orbeez go down the drain. Used it once and promptly threw it in the garbage. Awful, time consuming, messy waste of money! Only buy if you don't like the child you are purchasing for, and even then, at 25 plus dollars, I wouldn't recommend even then.

Zero stars! Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to high volume, we can't respond to individual comments. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers.

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Reset it here. To show you the most accurate prices, TTPM only displays our pricing tool on products which we've reviewed in the past three years. With this kit, kids can grow Orbeez, crush them, and use the crushed Orbeez to create pretend cupcakes, cookies, and cake. The Sweet Treats Studio comes with an Orbeez dispenser, eight cake decorations, 1, Orbeez in six colors, two cookie cutters, small and large icing bags, two cupcake tops with bottoms, four rubber bands, a buildable plastic cake, a crush tube, a crush cartridge with cap, and a plastic candle.

To start, you've got to grow your Orbeez. The Orbeez start off as small pellets that grow into large, squishy balls when left in water for at least four hours. Once the Orbeez have grown and are drained, place them in the dispenser.

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When you're ready to crush your Orbeez, dispense them into the crush tube. Insert the crush cartridge into the tube to crush the Orbeez, and then pour the crushed Orbeez into one of the icing bags. You can then squeeze the crushed Orbeez out of a bag and into the cupcake, cookie, or cake molds. Decorate with the included decorations. When you're ready to crush and create again, simply dump the crushed Orbeez from the molds into the trashcan, wipe and rinse the molds, and start over.

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We didn't think some of the accessories stayed on that well, and the plastic cake mold was a little flimsy when assembled. Make sure you keep your grown Orbeez stored in sealable bags or jars to keep them from drying out. Fairy Light Garden from PlayMonster. Ravel Tales from Sunny Days Entertainment. Quill On Spyrosity from Imagimake. Toggle navigation.Orbeez beads contain a co-polymer of sodium acrylic acid Acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide and water and color pigmentation. Orbeez beads are completely non toxic, so there is no fear of poisoning, and have no ability to clump together, so there is no fear of blockage.

The bead will actually grow smaller within the intestine, due to less water surrounding the bead, and should simply pass right through your system within a day or two. If more than 12 Orbeez have been swallowed or, are inserted into ears or nose, seek immediate medical attention. We always recommend checking with your doctor if you have any concerns for your health.

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What happens if your dog eats toy orbeez? It dies.

Orbeez Crafts

What happens when orbeez are in soda? It will blow in your FACE! Do pandas eat orbeez? Orbeez are an important staple in the panda's diet. What happens when orbeez are in hot water?Nothing says I love you like homemade Christmas ornaments!

Here is 75 ways to fill clear glass ornaments for homemade Christmas Ornaments!

what to do with crushed orbeez

Hello there! So, the other day I posted a video from the official Orbeez Youtube account, Orbeezone. It showed the two adorable Orbeez Girls playing in a giant tub of crushed Orbeez!

It reminded me of sand art, and so I thought I'd try making my own creations using Orbeez crush. For this project, you…. Calling all brilliant minds! Any project that lights up is eligible, so get to brainstorming and build an illuminated project that puts your current lamps and lights to shame. The winners will take home some wonderful prizes, including a Dewalt tools combo kit and a 4-in01 soldering station.

Want some inspiration and help getting started? Check out the Instructables Lamp Class.

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Want more contests? Check out Instructables' current contests here! Did you know a pottery wheel can be used to make cool Orbeez Crush Art? In this video we show you the magic behind the curtain with the fun Orbeez toys we al Create DIY color crafts that light up and amaze! Show your friends how they can do it too! Have fun and tag us in your pictures on Instagram! Orbeez DIY How The Orbeez Girls have a new Orbeez Challenge for you!

Helmet filled with Orbeez Crush on your head! See them fill the rainbow colored hats and have some real The Orbeez Girls are ready for Halloween !! Are you?! Just made this Orbeez rainbow in a tray so much fun. How to make magic glitter orbeez cocktail slime in a cup, can use as surprise toy inside, or use it as a decorative play set frozen drink for kids.

These col Learn howto make yours when you watch this instructional video with the Orbeez Girls! Another e I like this!

But in a short, square vase and a white light inside to light it up. Oh and white flowers

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